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Why Go Solar?

Reduce utility bills

Utility bills can take up a considerable chunk of your monthly budget. Like it or not, it can sometimes be disheartening to just give money away to utility companies when we know we could do more for less. 

Installing solar panels can make you reduce your monthly electricity bill up to 75 percent or completely (in some off-grid cases).

Protect from energy cost inflation

Economic inflations are not a good sign. Consumers can be in an uncontrollable situation paying for highly-priced goods and services. 

What’s worse is that they have no choice and have to pay the costs no matter what or else, they risk a negative impact on their lifestyles. Going solar protects you from unnecessarily inflated electricity rates.

Increase property value

Whether you are selling your house or not, installing solar panels on your roof will increase your home value. Research shows a 3.74 % increase in home value over other non-solar counterparts.

Independence from national electricity grid

Backup power systems provide you with backup power stored in batteries in the case of a power failure or Load shedding. Backup power is typically provided to essential appliances such as: lights, servers, garage door motors, routers, TVs etc. Our backup power solutions can integrate into your distribution board.

Be a good example in society

A high percentage of people want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle but have a hard time starting. You can be an excellent example in society and demonstrate how beneficial it is to have solar panels installed on your roof. 

You can start in your local neighborhood and spread the advantages of using solar energy, and hopefully, others will follow suit.

Protect the environment 

Using solar energy can protect the environment. Homeowners with installed solar panels mitigate around four tons of carbon emissions annually. 

This is a perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and will benefit you and the environment in the long run.

Hy-Energy is the exciting new renewable energy division of Hybrid Electrical and Plumbing. Hybrid Electrical and Plumbing was established in 1992 and is operating as electrical and plumbing contractors from their offices in Centurion. The company has grown over the past 25 years with 80 permanent employees ranging from semi-skilled to qualified Electricians and plumbers. Due to high demand in alternative electricity generation and ongoing grid failures in South Africa, Hy-Energy was established.

Tel: 012 653 1494
Cell: 076 5733 785
137 Edison Cres,
Unit 11, Edison Square Office Park,
Hennopspark, Centurion