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Introduction to PV

Solar photovoltaic systems, commonly referred to as solar PV systems, convert sunlight directly into electricity. This is different to the solar thermal collectors for solar water heaters. A solar PV system can help reduce carbon emissions and your electricity bill by producing sustainable electricity from the sun instead of burning fossil fuels. Apricus offers a range of solar PV products to help you harness the power of the sun for commercial, industrial and residential electricity applications of all sizes.

Most electricity is distributed through an electrical utility provider, the company that produces and/or distributes electricity to consumers. The electricity from a variety of sources is distributed along the electrical grid and can span hundreds of miles from the power plants to homes and businesses. This grid network is not always reliable due to overloading, severe weather, and maintenance or upgrades. Installing a PV power system allows you to create your own electricity to supply your entire home or business and can potentially eliminate the issues associated with large utility grids. The amount of electricity generated is dependent on several factors: the size and arrangement of the PV power system, the PV module type, the available sunlight, and the efficiency of the electrical components used to convert solar energy into electricity usable by your home or building.




Hy-Energy is the exciting new renewable energy division of Hybrid Electrical and Plumbing. Hybrid Electrical and Plumbing was established in 1992 and is operating as electrical and plumbing contractors from their offices in Centurion. The company has grown over the past 25 years with 80 permanent employees ranging from semi-skilled to qualified Electricians and plumbers. Due to high demand in alternative electricity generation and ongoing grid failures in South Africa, Hy-Energy was established.

Tel: 012 653 1494
Cell: 076 5733 785
137 Edison Cres,
Unit 11, Edison Square Office Park,
Hennopspark, Centurion